This is heart of FitNation: where body fat melts, lean muscles are formed, and your body becomes fitter and more mobile. We have our Personal Trainers ready on the floor for you. Unlike other gyms, we will not let you be confused or wander around without knowing what to do. The free-weights zone is the ideal place for functional training, resistance training and personal training.

Our free-weights area is equipped with:

  • Barbells by ROGUE USA
  • ALEX Barbell Plate (Bumper & Polyurethane)
  • ALEX Dumbells (2.5-40kg)
  • Kettlebell, VIPR, Sled, Bosu, TRX, Powerbags
  • 2 Power racks
  • 14’ rig (4 lifting stations, 2 pull up stations)
  • 3 Olympic Bench by SPORTART (Flat, Incline, Decline)
  • Incline, Flat, Decline bench by SPORTART
  • Sledding Synthetic Grass
    Assisted Chin and Dip, Lat pull down, Low row,
    Cable Crossover, Smith Machine by SPORTART